How the interior in the nursery remain topical for longer

We all know how quickly our children grow up and how fast everything became tired. Here comes the question of how to furnish the nursery so you can use it longer time.

When your child is already 5-6 years does not make sense to invest in a small child bed. It is better to buy such a normal size of robust materials to allow the child to use it until his teenage years. The furniture, which have two or more uses are an excellent choice for the nursery. For example, it makes no sense to buy a special table for swaddling a baby, and for this purpose you can tailor a desk or dresser. So once the baby grows, you can use this area as intended.

Pay attention to detail

Great idea is to choose a bed with built-in cabinet or shelves. There you can put toys that are no longer used as much or old textbooks.

Think about teenager after several years

Miniature lockers and desks are not preferable. Teenage children want to express themselves and be independent. They see themselves as large, which is reflected in their style of dress. Surely children’s pictures and bright baby colors will not appeal to your child. During this period, the children tend to revolt. So for you, it will be better if your teen feels comfortable in his room. Although you will not be released to log there, especially if it’s a boy

Choose neutral colors for walls and furniture

Do not invest in furniture and patterned wallpaper picture because it is very likely that the child does not like them only after 2-3 years. It is best to choose natural wood color, white or cream for furniture and walls for light and Casual colors – light blue, light pink, light yellow, beige, etc.

Bring individuality with interesting decoration

Put pillows with colorful prints, stack favorite toys and books to the child in the room, add posters of his preferred cartoon characters, framed his paintings and hook them to the wall, stick striped patches … All these decorations will bring a lot of personality in the nursery moreover easy and often you can change them.

Make it fun

Label each drawer of the cabinet. For example, school clothes, socks, underwear, shirts, pants, etc. Each compartment of this conceptual dresser will show clothes that contain inside, little by little let the children learn themselves – motivate them with interesting and playful methods.

All these ideas will help you make the interior in the nursery topical for a long time. Try it! and do not forget one of the most important things for the nursery is to keep clean, especially the carpet. Children, particularly at an early age, spend a lot of time on the ground, so choose nice rugs that can be easily cleaned. It is imperative occasionally use the services of a specialist so sure about the purity and safety of your children. I trust the cleaning at home only to the carpet cleaning Enfield company.