Trash or Treasure? Mesh produce bags

Most of the time I try to buy my produce with no bags and save on the plastic where I can, but sometimes the price on already packaged fruit is simply too good to ignore. So, what do you do with those mesh bags apples,  oranges, and sometime potatoes come in? Some would trash them, others would send them off to the recyclers… how ’bout you re-use them first, save a bit of money doing so, and then send them off to their next life!

I made a wonderful little kitchen scrubby using two mesh bags that some apples came in. You’ll save money by not buying a pre-made scrubber, and I think this is one of the best scrubbys I’ve used anyways; the mesh is just right for grabbing stuck on foods, yet it’s soft enough to use on even the most delicate dishes. You can use this for cleaning plastics [bottles, tupperware, etc] and not have to worry about scratching it.

1. Start but cutting the top and bottom off the bags
2. Stretch the bags out and lay them flat.
3. Fold the right side to meet the middle of the bag [do both bags].
4. Fold the left side to meet the middle of the bag- it will touch the edge of the side you folded previously [do both bags]
5. Fold the bag completely in half lengthwise; the edges previously folded in will now be enclosed.
6. Tie the two folded bags loosely at the top.
7. Do another loose tie at the top. Note the hole between the two ties.
8. Do one more loose tie in the midsection- if you are using long bags, make two ties.
9. Grab the loose ends and pull towards the hole at the top [the one you noted in step #7].
10. Push the loose ends through the hole.
11. I pulled the ends through her a bit more, to emphasize my instructions; you do not need to pull them through this high.
12. Tighten the tie around the top, securing the loose ends inside.
13. Tuck the ends of the tie [from the above step] into the folds of the scrubby… you’re done!
14. This scrubby really is great; it’s a tough cleaner, but soft enough to use on delicate dishes.
15. The loops are a bonus; use one to hang the scrubby on the faucet to dry!